CSA Login Help

What follows are some tips in case you are having trouble logging in.

  1. For NEW application receipts, even if you have been given a DEA number, you will need to enter the control number or tracking ID from the original new online application, as well as the State and zipcode from the original new online application. Entering your DEA Number and current address will not work for NEW application receipts at this time.
  2. In the Last Name field, please make sure you enter only your last name, which is the text BEFORE the comma from the FIRST LINE of your personal information on your certificate or renewal notice.
  3. If you are a business, be careful not to enter the first line of your business address, which can often appear to be part of your business name.
  4. Please make sure your expire date is your new expire date IF your renewal of registration has been confirmed.
  5. Please make sure your registration has not been retired or revoked.
  6. The First Name will NOT cause a login problem if omitted.
  7. Values are NOT case sensitive, entering lower or upper case will not cause a problem logging in.

Frequently asked login questions:

Q: Why do I have to enter so much information in order to login? It would be easier to simply enter my DEA number.
A: This information is required in order to maintain your security and privacy.

Q: Why doesn't the login process give me hints on what I am filling in wrong? I don't know what to change if I don't know which item is wrong!
A: Please see the answer to the previous question. Such guidance would compromise the security of the system.

Q: I am sure I have entered all of the required data correctly, but the login process still indicates there is no record matching the information provided. Why?
A: On rare occasions, required data such as social security number or tax ID number may have been entered into our systems erroneously. Please call the DEA Call Center (800) 882-9539.